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All participants of The Icon's Journey Marathon need to agree to the rules and regulations and event policies in order to participate.

  • DISCLAIMER: All participants enter the race at their own risk. By signing up as participants in the race, participants are declaring that they are fit to enter the race- physically, mentally and otherwise. Any loss or damage incurred in the participation of the race will be for the participant’s own personal acccount. Race organizers may not be held liable for any loss or damage to property; nor injury nor death incurred while participating in the race . The race is organized for self fulfillment, self actualization and for aid towards previously disadvantaged communities by keeping young disadvantaged children in schools to build bright futures and future leaders.

  • By entering The Icon’s Journey Marathon event I undertake that I am bound by the rules and regulations of the event including those of CSA and ASA.

  • I am medically fit to run/walk and fully understand that I enter at my own risk and the organisers and their sponsors will not be held responsible for any loss or injury during or as a result of the event, or for any loss or damage to property on the course or venue.

  • By entering The Icon's Journey Marathon I accept that The Icon's Journey Marathon is not liable for any side effects from food and/or drink that I may consume at my own discretion during the event.

  • All Covid-19 Rules & Regulations will be observed

  • The races are in strict accordance with the rules of IAAF, ASA, CSA, EC Cycling and Athletics Transkei.

  • All foreign athletes must comply with IAAF & ASA rule 4.2

  • All ultra-marathon running participants must be 20 years or older by the date of the event.

  • No animals allowed on the course.

  • No earphones are allowed. 

  • Obey traffic officials and marshals at all times.

  • Walkers allowed only in the 7km, 14km & 35km events.

  • Walkers must wear the correct identification tags on front and back.

  • Age category tags must be worn on front & back to qualify for category.

  • The Icon's Journey organising committee is not responsible for accommodating athletes & club officials.

  • Transportation to all starting points will be made available at a market related fee to all participants departing from Nelson Mandela Museum.

  • All 103km running participants MUST wear a headlamp until 06h30am on race day.

  • No collection of Race Packs on race day for all events.  Entrants to collect Race Packs at the Expo from 17-20 July 2024.  Cyclists must collect their entries on or before the 19th July 2024.

  • Free t-shirts (where applicable) are on a first come first served basis. Only a limited number of t-shirts is available.

  • Cut off times (as detailed on our website for each event) must be complied to.

  • Temporary licenses for cycling & running events can be purchased manually at Nelson Mandela Museum or on our website by clicking on your event.

  • Entries close midnight on 30th June 2024 (Free t-shirts to first 500 entries or 30 June, whichever comes first).

  • All winners' prize monies will be deposited through their respective banks after verification of the final results and where necessary testing of the use of illegal substances.

  • The event organiser will payout prize monies within 12 months from date of the event.

  • Late registration (only available at the Expo) and Expo will be from 17th July 2024.

Updated 22/04/2024

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