Frequently asked questions

Physical Event

Is 2020 the 2nd or 3rd edition of The Icon's Journey Marathon?

It's the 2nd, in 2018 the 103km route was being launched by 100 social runners from the 9 provinces of South Africa under the theme "100km by 100 runners for Mandela 100 years".

Which is the nearest City to the start point and where can I find accommodation?

The nearest City is Mthatha, a list of accommodation can be found on our Home Page under Plan Your Race.

How many starting points does the event have?

The cycling MTB event has 2 x starting points, the 103km & 35km starts. The running event has 4 starting points 103km, 35km, 12km & 7km.

Do we have to carry headlights since the 103km starts at 04h00am?

Yes, it is advisable since the race starts during the dark. Slower runners are highly advised to carry headlights the whole race as they will finish in the dark.

How many km of the 103km route is gravel?

80km of the 103km route is gravel road.

Where & when is the registration going to take place?

The registration of the event will take place at Nelson Mandela Museum (Bhunga building, Mthatha) from 15 July 2020.

Will there be transport available to the start points?

Yes the organizers will arrange transport in the form of buses and taxis. Each runner must carry cash to pay before getting onto the transport. A fare rate will be negotiated for the athletes.

Are there any tourism attractions along the route?

Yes, the 103 route starts at Clarkebury SSS a high school attended by Nelson Mandela in 1934-1936. At 50km you will see Mqhekezwen Great Place, the home he was raised by regent King Jongintaba Dalindyebo from 12years to 23 years. At 74km (35km race start) you will see his Qunu home where he is laid to rest and the Nelson Mandela Museum. At 100km you will see Mvezo Komkhulu, the home where he was born.

What makes The Icon's Journey Unique?

It is the longest offroad event in South Africa. The route touches 3 x district Municipalities (Chris Hani, OR Tambo & Amathole District Municipalities). It touches 2 x Kingdoms (Abathembu & AmaXhosa Kingdoms). It cuts across over 150 rural villages. Along the route you touch National & World heritage sites. The 103km runners receive the World's most unique medals, each lanyard is hand crafted in royal abaThembu beads.

What is the cut-off time for the 103km running event?

15 hours. 04h00am - 19h00pm

How do I enter the event?

How do I enter the event? Enter on the website link or via

Where can I get more information?

Contact Mr Unathi Songca on 047 501 9510 or or Mr Vuyo Sigonya 061 568 2339

Virtual Event

How do I enter The Iconic 31 Day Virtual Challenge?

This challenge is intended as a group challenge for a team of minimum of 10 people and a maximum of 20 people. Instructions to enter: Start on our RSA Challenge Page (link above) 1. Find the Challenge Event 2. Click Enter Now. It will open a "Quick View" for speed of entry. 3. In grey block under image, select your country of residence. The total will automatically reflect the total for 10 entries. 4. Select the amount of additional entries you would like to add, for example: For a total of 10 entries, select 0, for a total of 11 entries, select 1, for a total of 12 entries, select 2, and so on. 5. Click on "Add to Cart" button. 6. Click on "Next" button. 7. Choose items you would like to add to entry by clicking on "Add to Cart" button. If not wanting to add anything to cart, or having completed your choices, you can click the "check out" button at the bottom of your page or alternatively the cart button at the top right of the page. 8. Check your order. 9. Click Checkout. 10. Fill in your details on our Checkout page. 11. Click "Continue" button. 12. Click "Continue" button to confirm payment. It will say Payment with Yoco (secure payment portal). 13. Review (check) your order and click "Place Order". 14. Fill in your credit card details. 15. Click payment button. 16. As soon as your payment is verified by your bank, you will receive an order confirmation. 17. Check your email, you have mail! 18. Add to your email address book so that you don't miss any communication from us about the race. Will you endure the Icon's Journey Marathon? Need more help? We're here to assist, reach out via email

How do I get my race number for The Icon's Journey Virtual Marathon 2021?

Your race number has been mailed to you! Check your inbox or spam/junk folder. We have also included a Race Number Generator on our site for you to generate your own race number.

We registered as a group and I didn't get my race number as someone else registered for me.

No problem! Simply email our support team with the name and email of the person who registered for you and we will contact you to arrange your race number as well as for anyone else in the group. Tech support:

How do I upload my race times and distances?

From our app or website simply click on the UPLOAD ACTIVITY Button. 1. Choose the event you registered for. 2. Fill in the form. 3. Press SUBMIT. 4. Check out our DAILY LEADERBOARD to see where you place. If you are linked to a device, your times do not automatically upload. Please enter them manually on our system to qualify for the leaderboard. All activity entries close at 11:59 each day.

Why do I need to log in to website to upload my activity?

This option is only open to our members who are registered for any of the virtual events in 2021. Please create a members profile to upload activity. After you become a member we will then give you access to upload your activity.

Can I become an app or website member if I'm not registered for The Icon's Journey Virtual Marathon 2021?

Yes! Our app is our community and we would love you to join us in cheering on our participants. You can share your runs, comment, share videos and photos. Join groups and so much more!

The website won't let me input my distances and times.

You need to log in to submit your times. If you have not yet created an account, please create account. Log into website. Click THE RACE Click UPLOAD ACTIVITY Fill in the form. If the problem persists, please contact our technical support team Please note that activity uploads are only open to those who have registered for the event you are inputting data for.

I did not upload my activity, how can I get on the leaderboard or recieve my medal?

Only activity submissions uploaded on our website are valid. Submissions close on at 11:59pm on the last day of your event. Unfortunately no late submissions can be accepted and participants will forfeit their activity and medals should they not upload activity on the website. Upload activity See all results

I missed the daily deadline for uploading my times & distance, what do I do?

Unfortunately our system closes at 11:59 each day and doesn't allow us to load past times. However, you are able to upload your past activity under today's date. That way your efforts won't be wasted and will count towards the final leaderboard. Upload your activity here:

I completed the event but did not pay for my entry.

Only paid entries are valid. You can still register and pay even after you have completed the event. Please take note of the closing dates for all entries. UK Challenge & Group Iconic Run = 30th July 2021 All other events = 6th August 2021 Enter & pay here

Iconic App

How do I download the App?

Can I become an app or website member if I'm not registered for The Icon's Journey Virtual Marathon 2021?

Yes! Our app is our community and we would love you to join us in cheering on our participants. You can share your runs, comment, share videos and photos. Join groups and so much more!

What is the app for?

We've built a platform to celebrate our Icons. Build community, find friends, join groups. Be the first to know any happenings.

Virtual Certificate

How & when do I get my virtual certificate?

It's easy, when you have completed your event you can click this link and fill in your finish times and the virtual certificate will be sent to your inbox. Get your virtual certificate Please note that the virtual certificate link will only be opened to you 24hours after you have completed the event and uploaded your activity. Please use your log in details to access. The virtual certificate is only accessible to participants who have a valid entry, completed thier event and have uploaded their activity. For technical support, please email our support team by clicking here

I didn't complete my event, can I still get my virtual certificate?

Unfortunately the virtual certificate is only available for participants who have completed their event.

Why do I need to wait 24 hours after finishing for my certificate?

We need time to transfer your race from participation to finisher. We commit to do this within 24hours of time submissions.

I can't get onto the virtual certificate page.

The virtual certificate page is reserved for those who have valid entries and have completed their event. This can take up to 24 hours to reflect. If you have waited the 24hours and still can't access the page, please contact our support team.

Someone else uploaded my activity and I can't access the virtual cerificate.

You do need to be a member of our site or app to access this page. If someone uploaded your activity for you then you are not a member. There are 2 options for you to get your virtual certificate: 1. Ask the person who uploaded your activity to access the virtual certificate for you (remember it will only be sent to your email address if they use your email address in the form) 2. Become a member of our site by creating an account and logging in. After which you can contact our support team here and they will give you access to the virtual certificate. Please note: The virtual certificate is only available for those with valid entries who have completed their event.

Medals & T-shirts

When will I receive my medal?

All medals will be sent to finishers within 90 days of your event.

I ordered a t-shirt with my entry, when will it come?

T-shirts ordered with your entry at a special discounted rate will be sent within 90 days of your event.

When do I get my free t-shirt?

Free t-shirts (limited to first 100 entries) will be sent within 90 days of your event.

I didn't complete my event, will I still get a medal and t-shirt?

Medals: medals are only for those who have completed their event and uploaded their times on our website. T-shirts: All t-shirt orders will be honoured whether you completed the event or not.

I completed the event but did not register for entry, do I still get a medal?

Unfortunately medals are reserved for those with a valid paid entry.